Donate In Support of Paid Family Leave

When one in four women return to work just two weeks after giving birth because they lack the option to take paid time off from work, it is clear that our country is failing to support its families.

At 1,000 Days we believe every child deserves the strongest start in life with good nutrition, which means moms need time to bond with their babies and to reach their breastfeeding goals.

1,000 Days is working to make paid family leave a reality for all Americans, but we need your help. 

Make a donation to 1,000 Days in support of paid family leave. 

Help us get the message to Members of Congress and presidential candidates alike that no family should have to choose between the child they love and the job that they need.


P.S. More than 230,000 Americans have signed our petition, urging policymakers to support a national paid family leave policy. Our voices are being heard through the halls of Congress, but now it's time for action. Join us!